Wellington Jighere: African’s Quintessential World Champion


Wellington Jighere was born In 1982 in Umolo-Olomu, Delta State Nigeria. He is a professional Nigerian Scrabble player who won the inaugural WESPA championship in 2015 to become the first African player to be crowned World Scrabble Champion. He defeated Lewis MacKay in four straight wins to become the first African to win the championship.

Wellington Jighere placed third and eleventh in the 2007 and 2009 championships, respectively.

Prior to the championship, Wellington was an Underdog. He was not even in the top ten of the best scrabble players. Number one on the list is New Zealander, Nigel Richards.

He played 32 rounds of matches within a period of 4 days, winning all. He won despite suffering from jet lag aided by a 20-hour trip from Nigeria to Australia.
Wellington Jighere’s greatest strength is “humility” according to Nigeria’s Scrabble Federation President Suleiman Gora.

Wellington’s remark after winning the championship exemplifies this humble disposition. “Nigel is still the master, it just happens that today is my day.”

He recently championed and fought for the re-inclusion of Scrabble into the Nigerian National Sports Festival. The sport was hitherto left out on the list of sports to be competed at the Sports Festival coming up In Abuja by November.

Wellington Jighere is a noteworthy Rave maker. He is currently ranked 5th best Scrabble player in the world.

He is our sports personality of the Week.


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