Personal Branding In Relationships


Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, a manager or CEO, you cannot deny the fact that personal branding is very important for the success of every business or career. Building a personal brand for oneself is all about getting noticed by your target audience, and showing your potential clients what value added services you have in your personality. This concept can also be used for your personal or relationship life.

We may not be experienced in the field of making people get attracted to us simply because of the environment we grew up. Maybe you grew up in a very reticent or standoffish environment and may eventually see the need to socialize with people after hitting your early 30s. You may start to consider searching for a soul mate that you will spend the rest of your life with but do not have better prior knowledge on how to go about it.

What you need to first ask yourself is that, if you were a startup and need to build a network of potential customers or attract sponsors, what are the things you need to put in order to attract the right customers and sponsors?

The tools that will come handy when promoting your business are marketing, PR, and corporate branding. These tools will help build a reputation and attract your target clients. These same tools can also be used to build your personal brand in relationships. Your love life should be treated seriously because this is what will attract your life partner to you. So, why not employ strategic solutions to your love life instead of treating it like garbage?

You may not know this but we all have a personal brand. You already have a personal brand and it is what people say behind your back. Why not take ownership of this personality and see how you can modify or improve on it? You also need to find out the best ways to get in touch with your ideal partner. Maybe via social media or attending parties, you need to figure it out and deliver your message.

Social media has become a great place to connect with friends, family, and sometimes, our soul mate. These days, more people prefer to live their life online, spending most of their time talking about how their day went or how amazing their relationship life is. We should be careful of what we say or post online because our privacy is vulnerable. If you are not careful, anyone can check you out with just a click.
With regards to your online presence there are two important tips you must take note of:

  1. Take care of your online profile as much as you do with your offline presence.
  2. Don’t fake it. If you attended Igbo Elerin or Aja Nle Ikoko High School, indicate it on your profile instead of claiming somebody else’s school because in most cases, this fails. Make sure your online personality matches your real life personality.


  1. Self-acceptance: We already mentioned this with regards to your online presence. If you want to attract the right person, you need to show yourself the way you are. Be yourself because if you don’t, you’ll most probably attract the wrong people. Be down to earth, don’t display that kind of image that will attract players.
  2. Reach out: Find out about your ideal partner and reach out to them. Who is your ideal partner? What personalities are you looking for in them? It is important that this person should be someone you can relate with, someone you like and understand.
  3. Answer your target audience’s needs: So, you eventually found your ideal partner. What kind of personalities are they usually attracted to? Do you have what it takes to make them like you more? You must understand that it is not only about the personality preferences that you are attracted to in the other person that matter, but you must take into consideration the personality preferences the other person is attracted to also. So, you may want to consider dealing with those bad habits of yours. The only way you can find out about their personality preferences is to learn about them, ask questions about their perspective towards life, ask them about their backgrounds but do not bug them with so many personal questions. You don’t have to ask them all the questions of the encyclopedia in a day. Keep the rest for other days. And for the men, don’t ever try to take charge of conversations, and don’t be too chatty, at least if you are just getting to know her. It is what women do best so don’t try and outsmart them in their own field.
  4. Name and claim your brand: When you search for a job, you write CVs and submit them to your potential employers. On the day of the interview, you want to be at your best, you want to show them how serious you are about getting the job. This same technique can be applied when declaring your intentions to your partner. Always make proper use of your body language to pull their attention to your intentions. Have a clear message and declare your intentions.
  5. Deliver: Deliver your message but make sure you have chosen the appropriate time for delivery. Don’t rush things and don’t mess things up by letting it get too late before declaring your intentions. If she is a woman of virtue or class, be aware that your competitors are many so you have to be smart and proactive in your dealings. And never get discouraged because of her class, your courage might just win you the ticket to her heart.
  6. Smile: Nobody wants to do business with anyone wearing a scowl on their face. Everyone wants to meet the lady with the biggest smile in the room. We would all prefer to do business with the one smiling rather than the one with a wry face. Same goes here. The woman who gets approached most isn’t the one that rocks the sexy outfit, she’s the approachable one wearing the smile.
  7. Confidence: Try and gather up all your confidence and do not allow intimidation to take charge. Self-esteem is very important so believe in yourself. And when you have the opportunity to make your move, put in all your energy to express yourself confidently. Let this energy be in your body language, handshake, or eye contact. Just like a serious meeting with an important investor, you want to display your best qualities.
  8. Target: Set a target for yourself. Is it to get a second date or to take the straight shot? Taking a straight shot may not be a good one, so your target should be to make your date want a second date with you. Clear off your mind of the fantasy of love at first sight but if it happens, gladly embrace it. It makes more sense to get a second date with your date so that there will be more time for both of you to discover your stronger or other attraction personalities characters especially if none has been found yet.
  9. Gratitude: You don’t have to wait for their birthday or Valentine’s Day to express how grateful you are to have them in your life. Learn to say “Thank You” effortlessly. However, if you are constantly saying the same words to express appreciation it can lose its well-intended meaning over time. Use phrases such as “I appreciate it when you…”, “I love it when you…”, “I am thankful for…”, “I am grateful for…” or some other similar phrases. Appreciate them for their efforts. Even if they mess things up when trying to help you out with something, never seize to appreciate them for their concerns and efforts. Praise them even if they don’t like being praised in public. Men usually love to be commended while women love to be appreciated. Give them the needed praise. Praise them in private also. Be there when they need help. A truly grateful partner will combat anything that stands in their way of being there and assuming whatever responsibilities are necessary.


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